Hippotherapy Program

Catherine Wycoff, PT, DPT will begin offering  physical therapy services that include the movement of the horse (Hippotherapy) at Wheatland Farm in January 2019.

From the Greek word hippos, meaning horse, Hippotherapy literally means “treatment with the help of a horse.” In Hippotherapy, the horse influences the person rather than the person controlling the horse. The therapist directs the movement of the horse; analyzes the patient’s responses, and adjusts the treatment accordingly.

Catherine Wycoff  is a doctor of physical therapy, a Feldenkrais practitioner and a Hippotherapy Clinical Specialist.  She has been working with adults and children with orthopedic and/or neurological diagnoses for 30 years, is a life long equestrian and has been including the use of the horse into her treatments since 2007.

Insurance reimbursement for hippotherapy varies by insurance companies.  Please contact Catherine at Catherine@kineticbalance.com for more information.

For more information on hippotherapy, please follow this link: