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Lesson Rates

Wheatland Farm's equestrian programs and services offer some of the best in the industry in a top-rated facility.  Competitively priced, our equestrian programs provide an incredible value and priceless learning experience.

Lesson Rates

As of Quarter 4, 2023:

May 1 - June 24, 2023

Therapeutic/Adapted Riding

$70 per 30-minute private lesson

Traditional Riding Lessons

$75 per 60-minute group lesson (3 or more riders)

$85 per 60-minute semi-private lesson (2 riders)

$85 per 30-minute private lesson (1 rider)

$125 per 60-minute private lesson 

Para Dressage

$85 per 30-minute private lesson

$120 per 60-minute private lesson

Trailer-In Lessons

$85 per 60-minute semi-private lesson

$125 per 60-minute private lesson

Pony Club Lessons

$35 per 60-minute horse management lesson

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