Our horses are our program partners, and our pets. Every one of them have remarkable personalities, and special gifts and talents. All of our horses and ponies have reached Parelli Level Three Online and Level Three Freestyle, and they are all schooling first level in dressage. Many of our horses and ponies compete in both dressage and lower level combined tests, and all are excellent on the trail and off the farm. We look forward to introducing you to them personally, and until then, here is a brief introduction the equine team!

Keegan’s Black Sea (Keegan)

Age: 10, 17hh,

Irish Draft gelding.


Right Brain Introvert,

medium spirit / Parelli level 1/2

King of Wheatland Farm, Keegan is a purebred Irish Draught horse, imported from Ireland for the purpose of improving the Irish Sport Horse lines here in the US. Following a pasture accident as a youngster, Keegan was gelded as the IDHSA would no longer approve his registry as a sire. Keegan was purchased by Wheatland as a five year old with basic, but quality, training. We quickly set to work introducing him to Parelli natural horsemanship and training him for the adult therapeutic riding lesson program. He has since become our most reliable large horse, and the face of Wheatland Farm. He is an incredibly tolerant, gentle adult lesson horse for our therapeutic riding, veteran and family respite riding programs. He is also always in the ribbons at hunter shows!


Winmaur Sargeant George (George)

Age: 8; 15 hh;

Irish Sport Horse gelding,

Parelli levels 1-4 Online,

Freestyle & Finesse

Horsenality: Left Brain Extrovert, medium spirit


George is an Irish Sport Horse, purchased by Wheatland Farm at age five. George had just been started under saddle about six months, but had been gelded as a three year old and rushed through the basics a little early. As a result he needed a restart, and is the only horse in the program to complete Parelli levels 1-4 Online, Freestyle and Finesse. A remarkably intelligent horse with great game, George is a fabulous lesson horse for advanced beginners through intermediate riders in dressage, and a wonderful Parelli teacher to beginners.


Son of a Gun Sailor (Sailor)

Age: 13; 15.3hh;

AQHA gelding;


Right brained introvert, medium spirit

Donated to Wheatland Farm by Event rider Katie Hasse, Sailor was bred from excellent foundation quarter horse bloodlines, being the son of Cee Blair Sailor, a well known reining quarter horse sire. Sailor came to us last month as he was not successful as a lesson horse in another barn, being considered to have “too many buttons”! Here, we find him very quiet with solid training, being able to walk to canter on command, and performing nice slide stops! His transformation to a dressage horse took about two rides! He is the perfect blend of talented and tolerant, making him an invaluable horse in both our therapeutic riding and traditional riding program.



Dakoda (Koda)

Age: 15; 14.2hh;

Morgan Cross gelding; 


Left brain introvert, low spirit

Koda, a Morgan Paint cross,  is the world’s most perfect pony. We have never met any horse like him, ever. He can be fancy and go in a beautiful,  through frame, pop over small jumps, go out on the trail, and take the most fragile of our students around the arena or the trail, one little hoof at a time. He is sweet, delicate, and has an air of peace about him unmatched by any other horse we have ever met. Nicknamed St. Koda of Wheatland, he is our most reliable pony, usually assigned to our most fragile or most timid riders.



Age: 8; 14.2hh; Haflinger gelding; 


Left brain introvert/extrovert cusp, medium spirit

Purchased by Wheatland Farm in the fall of 2015, Gus is a confirmed member of the farm family!. He is hilarious! A sweet Haflinger pony trained to drive, he recently made the under saddle switch. Very reliable on the trail with no spook, he is also great as a lesson pony, as he will stop immediately should his rider become unbalanced. He is well built and suitable to carry a child or an adult.



Age: 15; 13.2hh; Welsh Pony Section C; gelding; 


Left brain extrovert. medium ~ high spirit

Blackberry is a farm favorite!. A former winning hunter show pony turned therapy pony, he was kindly donated to us from one of our partner therapeutic riding programs where he was greatly loved, but in need of a smaller program with more one - on-one instruction. Today he is one of our go-to ponies, reliable under saddle for independent riders through the Parelli Freestyle program, and on the ground with everyone. Blackberry’s favorite work is Parelli, at which he excels. He, like George, is an extremely intelligent boy, and so needs to be dealt with intelligently too or he will quickly outsmart his people! Blackberry has a particular fondness for our most challenged students and is very loving to his kids.


Picasso’s Paintbrush (Picasso)

Age: 8; 13.2hh Welsh/Appaloosa pony cross; gelding.

Horsenality: Left brain extrovert, high spirit

Purchased by Wheatland farm two years ago, Picasso is a wonderfully sweet pony, with lots of talent and chrome! He is sweet and gentle enough to be a super therapy pony, but with lots of talent in dressage and jumping for our independent sibling riders in search of a pony that can take them to the next level of riding. He is a big lesson favorite!


Chantilly Lace (Lacey)

Age: 18; 11.2hh Purebred Welsh Section A,pony mare.

Horsenality: Right brained introvert, low spirit

A retired show pony, Lacey’s previous owners (professional dressage coach) had her successfully competing at first level dressage and beginner novice eventing! Lovingly donated by her family, Lacey has retired into being one of our most reliable and counted on ponies. Fondly known as “Betty White”, Lacey is the queen of the farm and knows it. She is used five days a week in the lesson program, and is particularly fond of her “little girls” - our small special needs and independent girls between the ages of 5-8.



Sadie (Age 16)

15.2hh Appendix mare.

Horsenality: Left brain introvert, low ~ medium spirit

Lovingly donated to us by her family following a very successful show hunter career, Sadie is a quality mare with an exceptional temperament and fabulous teaching gaits. Her solid show ring career has made Sadie a real schoolmaster for our students, both therapeutic and traditional. She is the “perfect” teaching horse -- her walk, trot and canter gaits are smooth and easy to ride, and she has exceptionally good trail manners, making her a confidence builder for our timid, high need riders, and a talented move up horse for our sibling students wanting to progress their riding skills on a very knowledgeable safe horse. We never thought we would find another Koda - but Sadie comes very close!!



(Age 6), 8.5hh Sorrel Miniature Horse gelding.

Horsenality: Left brain extrovert, high spirit

Donated by a local show breeder of Miniature Horses, Rocky joined us as a 6 month old colt with lots of fire and attitude! Rocky responded beautifully to Parelli natural horsemanship, and is one of the most people oriented horses, large or small, that you will ever meet! Rocky does not regard himself as a mini in any way, and is more than willing to give the bigger boys in the pasture a good run around. Rocky loves to entertain our visiting students that come on school field trips, is great with kids in wheelchairs learning to lead horses, and is quite the talented little jumper on a lead line! Rocky enjoys walking up and down stairs, will willingly walk in and out of any building, and has learned to counter surf in the Forrest kitchen!