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Ready, set, gallop!

Our first live Zoom lesson went off without a hitch today at 12 noon! Live from the barn, students joined Anthony and I for no ordinary tack-up lesson. Today's job was to select and put on the appropriate gear needed for gallop and cross country work. Anthony talked the students through each piece he had selected for Chip, and why each was important. Ony by one, he demonstrated how to correctly put on saddle pads, a belly girth, a breast plate and two typed of protective leg ware. When he was finsihed, the students sent himself and Chip off to gallop with a wave, confident that they had done their work to ensure that Chip was appropriately attired for the work! As promised, I followed on foot to film the gallop set, and Anthony had his helmet cam on the job too. The footage is below. Our next LIVE FROM THE BARN lesson will be Wednesday, when we will be doing a walk, trot and canter lesson!

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