Wheatland Farm USPC Riding Center

Wheatland Farm is thrilled to be recognized as the first inclusive USPC Riding Center in the country.  USPC is an educational organization for youth and adults that teaches riding,  mounted sports, and the care of horses and ponies, thereby developing responsibility, sportsmanship, moral judgment, leadership, and self-confidence.

The Wheatland Farm USPC Riding Center program runs throughout the year.  We offer our Pony Club lessons in series of 6 weekly lessons, culminating with their Pony Club Rating. The series is broken into 3 unmounted horsemanship and equine care lessons and 3 mounted lessons. The 6 week series is offered throughout the year.  Members may participate in as many of the series as they wish. Participation in the 6 week series is not mandatory. As a riding center, you do not need to have your own pony or horse to join. You may borrow one of our lesson horses; however, we do require a riding assessment prior to joining the lesson series so that you may be matched with the appropriate lesson horse.

USPC utilizes a certification program to reflect riders' equine knowledge and riding abilities.  All new members begin with a D-1 rating (lowest) and have the opportunity to ascend through the program to the highest level of "A".  An "A" certified Pony Club member is recognized internationally as an expert in horse knowledge and riding ability.  The D-1 rating presumes no horse experience.  As such, ALL LEVELS  of riders may participate.  USPC members can expect their USPC instructors to help prepare them for the next level.  Riders can progress through the rating system at their own pace!  Ratings are not a race!

There are 3 tiers of organization within the USPC program:  National, Regional, and Club level.  Members must join all 3 levels to participate in USPC sanctioned events.
*  First, members join their local Riding Center ($25 annual fee), check made payable to Wheatland           Farm.

* Members must be currently enrolled students of Wheatland Farm
*  Members will receive an email to join the National USPC.
*  To participate in events within the region, members must join Virginia Region Pony Club 

6 Week Pony Club Lesson Series to include unmounted Horsemanship lessons and mounted lessons: $390 per 6 week session
Memberships fees are separate from the 6 week lesson series.
Rally Entry Fees:  To Be Determined
Ratings:  Based upon examiner and number of riders in the rating

*Please contact the office at wheatlandfarmsecretary@gmail.com to inquire about registration.