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Lesson Rates

Wheatland Farm's equestrian programs and services offer some of the best in the industry in a top-rated facility.  Competitively priced, our equestrian programs provide an incredible value and priceless learning experience. Lessons are conducted on safe and well-trained school horses, educated from training level to Grand Prix.  Horses are groomed and tacked for you and presented at the arena by our professional staff. All horses and ponies are fitted with customized Antarès dressage and close-contact saddles. Our upper-level para-dressage horses are each provided with Patrick and County saddles customized to each equine. All lessons are taught by highly qualified instructors in arenas with Attwood equestrian surfaces and using high-quality lesson equipment designed to provide the latest technology for the best possible learning environment.

Lesson Rates


Adapted Riding

$70 per 30-minute private lesson

Traditional Riding Lessons

$75 per 60-minute group lesson (3 or more riders)

$85 per 30-minute private lesson (1 rider)

$125 per 60-minute private lesson (1 rider)

Para Dressage

$85 per 30-minute private lesson

$125 per 60-minute private lesson

Trailer-In Lessons

$85 per 60-minute lesson

A La Carte Lessons

$110 per 60-minute semi-private lesson

$150 per 60-minute private lesson

A la carte lessons are convenient for riders that cannot commit to our weekly program - they can be booked last minute, depending on availability of coaches and horses. 

This option is for para-dressage and traditional riding lessons only.

Pony Club Lessons

$65 per 60-minute group horse management lesson

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