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2023 - Off to a Great Start

The mild start to 2023 has been an incredible blessing here at Wheatland Farm! The lovely temperatures have meant that for the first year in many, we have had no weather-related lesson cancellations. A good stroke of luck, considering that we are starting 2023 with the largest number of riders yet on our roster for mid-winter!

To kick things off, we hosted our first dressage schooling show of the year. With 19 rides from Wheatland Farm Specials to Para Dressage, all had a great night. Most riders scored at or above 65%, with two riders above 71%. An excellent night for coaches and athletes!

As we are still mid-season for fox-hunting, coach Anthony Forrest escorted students on their first few outings in the second field with The Middleburg Hunt. All had a great day, and much was learned about the tradition of the sport and the preservation of our beautiful Virginia countryside. We are fortunate at Wheatland Farm to be situated in the middle of our nation's most historic and picturesque hunt territories. Anthony looks forward to escorting more students (and their mums, I think, might be tempted to go, too!) on more outings in the coming weeks.

Our calendar is shaping up for shows and events for the spring and summer. Our next dressage schooling show will be on February 23, and our popular Afternoon Tea & Hunt review will be held at Wheatland Farm on Sunday, May 21. Our annual Johnny Forrest Golf Classic will also be held on Monday, June 5, at Raspberry Falls Golf and Hunt Club in Leesburg. Not to mention the dressage and jumper shows in March, April, and May! With so much to look forward to, we invite you to keep following our updates so that you don't miss opportunities to join us for fun! See you at the farm!

Recent photos:

Lily Goeller and Anthony Forrest at the Middleburg Hunt

January dressage show riders celebrate a great night

Mrs. Jennifer Goeller and daughter Lily enjoy a sunny day's hunting

Anthony Forrest brings youngster Denver out second field to learn the ropes.

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