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Therapeutic Riding

"Whether you have a disability or you do not, here at Wheatland Farm,  we believe that you should have the same access to excellent coaching as anyone."


Muriel Forrest

Executive Director

"Creating equal opportunities for riders with special needs in a loving, first-class, family-centric environment

At Wheatland Farm, our equestrian program is designed to bring ALL riders from the beginning stages of their riding education to the highest levels of competition in the sport. Our rider demographics reflect a very inclusive student body: 58% are traditional, non-disabled athletes; 32% have varying developmental delays in adapted riding lessons, and 10% are para-equestrian riders. That means almost half of our students require adaptive programming, and half are fully able-bodied. 66% of our students are female, while 34% are male. Of that student body, 45% are children, 27% are teenagers, and 28% are adults! A great mix all around.


Riders with disabilities can begin riding for therapeutic benefit in our adapted riding lesson program, supported by an adapted riding instructor, and volunteers. Many riders start with us as therapy students, aiming to improve physical and cognitive skills. Over time, they may develop independence and skill to become competitive / sport riders. We offer therapeutic riding to students with a variety of disabilities, including developmental delays, physical impairments, learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, and more.


There are several avenues for riders with disabilities, including pure therapy, therapy progressing to adaptive sport, and competition. Para-Dressage is the pinnacle of competitive sport riding for individuals with a 15% or greater permanent, measurable disability. Though not all riders with disabilities will qualify for or wish to compete at this level of equestrian sport, many do.


For more information on the journey from therapeutic riding to para dressage, please visit our para dressage age.


We offer free riding assessments for prospective students interested in therapeutic riding. Please click on the link to schedule your assessment!


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