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Awaiting the Great Re-Opening

Well friends, it seems as though we have been waiting for the pool to re-open for ... ever? A long time, at least! As you are probably aware, our Northern Virginia counties, including Loudoun County, will NOT be entering Phase 2 of the Re-Open Virginia process this Friday, June 5, as originally thought. Therefore, we will need to delay the pool re-opening for at least another week beyond our original opening goal of June 15.

As disappointing as the delay is for everyone, we are thankful that the Covid-19 crisis that has gripped us for many months now looks as though it may be finally letting up. Our new date for re-opening the pool is the week of June 22. We will keep you all updated as soon as we get some direction from the Governor's next statement, which will be due out June 3. Meantime, please register as soon as possible if you would like a spot for swim lessons, as we have a huge waiting list and want to make sure we don't have to turn anyone away. We have carefully structured our 2020 Aquatics Program to ensure strict Covid-19 mitigation strategies are in place. Details to follow.

Meantime, stay safe, stay cool, and see you all soon!

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